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We have vast experience in working in conflict and post conflict environments. Egnatia maintains an extensive network of personnel ready to deploy to remote and/hostile locations.

Egnatia can provide you:
Certified Demining and UXO Removal Technicians
Licensed Heavy Equipment Operators
Medical Responders (all Levels)
Trained and Experienced Security Personnel
Quality Assurance Inspectors (Demining, UXO and Construction)
Civil, Mechanical, Chemical and Industrial Engineers
Administrative Personnel
Procurement Specialists

General Laborers

Management Personnel at all Levels

We offer either direct Subcontracting of the personnel to our firm (they become Egnatia Employees), and also direct employment by you.

Our turn-key solution has proved to be the most popular, whereby Egnatia Sources, vets, hires, equips and transports individuals to the work location.

Each Individual is required to undergo a thorough vetting process to include:

Technical Competency

Rigorous Medical Checks (Depending on your Requirements)

Security Background Check (Police Clearance)

Egnatia maintains a a wide network of financial capacity/partners to ensure wherever the personal are located they get paid accurately and on time.

Fee structures vary by case, depending on location and type of employment.

We offer Travel Services to and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and beyond.