More Vigilance Needed on Global Landmine Ban
  Turkish Government to bring an end to endless story of mine clearance
  Danish coastline declared clear of WWII antipersonnel landmines

More Vigilance Needed on Global Landmine Ban
ICBL NEWS (Geneva, 25 May 2012):

   A meeting of nearly 100 states and dozens of international organisations to discuss progress on the global ban on antipersonnel landmines ended today with both good and bad news.

   While celebrating landmine-affected Somalia becoming the 160th State Party to the Mine Ban Treaty this week, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) has also been compelled to raise alarm bells at the conference.

   Confirmed use of antipersonnel landmines in four non-States Parties in the last year, and serious allegations of use in three states that have joined the Treaty, is of particularly serious concern.