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Egnatia is Authorized Dealer of Ebinger Products in Turkey. Metal detector - Professional locators for underwater and normal land use The massive thread from acts of terror, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and landmines is a global problem. Ebinger metal detectors are since more than 35 years internationally renown and widespread in the fields of:

  • EOD -Explosive Ordnance Disposal-
  • Humanitarian mine action
  • Battle area clearance (BAC)
  • Forensic police work and law enforcement-
  • Security and access control such as i.e. in penitentiaries, airports, public events
  • Industry
  • Archaeology and Scientific research

Ebinger is a name, which has become a brand! Our metal locators are in daily use worldwide. They protect health and property of people on land and underwater:

  • Metal detectors for humanitarian mine action
  • Wands and walk through metal detector gates for security
  • Magnetic anomaly locators for bomb disposal
  • Large Loop metal detectors for battle area and munitions clearance
  • Underwater metal detectors for a wide range of application

SEARCH AND LOCATE – Search and locate is our motto, task and endeavour. The safety and security of people and the protection of the environment are the focus of our activities and R&D.

Landmine Detectors

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